Observation of Context

We've found a way of watching large software developments that recalls DDD's Context Map. Here we collect and organize materials for its presentation.


Observation of Emergent Schema
in Organized Development

YOUTUBE oPJIXPC_vn8 Published on Oct 10, 2017.


The original wiki was founded to understand engineering at a social level, first within one company and then more broadly around the world. We asked not for advice but for personal experience, what parts worked and why.

The agile methods incubated in wiki have enabled a pace and scale of development unimaginable at its founding. Now, situated within rapid development, we have found a new way to observe and understand software and the people who make it.

In this keynote we describe our methods, similar to data warehousing, but with the same interests as the original wiki. Our system captures from existing data a broad picture of what has been built and puts this in service of its continuing evolution.

See Organizing the Presentation for the outline.

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